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Fireproof Gun Safes

Fireproof gun safes give added protection to the owner. If your firearms are worth protecting from burglars, they are worth protecting from fire. Browse through our selection of discounted fire resistant gun safes from a wide variety of manufacturers.

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  1. Amsec SF6036 36 Long Gun Safe with Burglary and Fire Protection

    Amsec SF6036 36 Long Gun Safe with Burglary and Fire Protection

    If you need indoor delivery for this 760 lb safe, please call 1-877-442-9964. There is an extra charge.

    This American Security rifle safe holds up to 34 guns safe in the interior plus has extra storage for 2 more on the door. The premium Door Organizer (PDO) maximizes storage space and offers quick access to commonly used items. This rifle safe premium door organization system includes:

    • Various see-through pouches and zippered pockets to store valuables.
    • Two rows of holders for storage of choke tubes, small flashlights and ammo.
    • Two full-width pistol storage systems to accommodate multiple handguns. Comes with four holsters. Additional holsters can be purchased separately.
    • A long gun storage system that accommodates two guns. Includes the AMSEC exclusive “no hassle” quick release band.

    Along with a great interior this rifle safe comes with a 60 minute fire protection rating.


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    Compare At: $3,037.33
    Our Price: $2,278.00
    You Save: 25.00%

  2. American Security 33 Gun Safe BF6636

    American Security 33 Gun Safe BF6636

    This large American Security gun safe comes with a UL Residential Security Container Rating. It also has earned the California Department of Justice approval for the safe storage of firearms. All the American Security BF gun safe series come with a Mercury Class II fire rating for protection up to 90 minutes. The door jamb has a silicone seal and the door itself has an expandable Palusol seal so in case of fire, there are additional barriers to protect the contents. This safe comes standard with a spy-proof, key locking dial combination lock which has a UL II rating for drill resistance. The interior of this safe is high end with a mirrored back wall, pin-dot fabric lining and the Premium Door organizer.  Store your pistols, two long guns and other valuables on the door! When you reach in your safe to remove a long gun the E-Z Slant-Out interior provides easy access.

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    Compare At: $5,685.33
    Our Price: $4,264.00
    You Save: 25.00%

  3. BF7240

    BF7240 American Security 40 Large Gun Safe

    This is a high end safe with excellent fire protection. It has earned a Mercury III fire protection rating for 90 minutes. In addition the door and door jamb have extra seals which expand in case of fire to protect the contents. American Security, with the BF7240 gun safe is offering great burglary protection. It has earned the California Department of Justice label for safe storage of fire arms and a UL Residential Security Container rating. Added security comes from the 11 massive 1 1/2" chrome-plated bolts. There are several features that make your long guns easy to access...there is a bolt detent system which hold the door open while you search your gun safe. There is also a mirrored back which gives you greater visibility and an E-Z Slant Out Interior for the barrels of rifles. To top it off, American Security has maximized the usefulness of your gun safe by fully using the door for storage. They call their storage system the Premium Door Organizer and it provides storage for two long guns, two pistols and many smaller items. This may be a once-in-a-life time purchase. Get the best in firearm storage today.

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    Compare At: $6,495.00
    Our Price: $5,186.00
    You Save: 20.15%

  4. Amercian Security BF7250 Large Gun Safe

    Amercian Security BF7250 Large Gun Safe

    This extra large rifle safe has the storage capacity for 45 long guns on the interior and two on the door. American Security offers high end security and fire protection with this rifle safe. For example, there is a 2" total wall thickness on all sides.....with poured DryLight insulation and two layers of steel. This safe has earned a Mercury Class III fire protection label for 90 minutes of fire protection. In addition it has 2 stage dual fire seals with silicone seal on the door jamb and an expandable Palusol seal on the door - these also protect the contents of your safe from fire. American Security has made the interior of this rifle safe both versatile and attractive. The rifle safe is lined with rich pin dot fabric and the back wall is mirrored. The interior can be configured to have small cubicles for other items such as pistols. With a heavy bolting system and anchor down floor holes, you can be assured that your large rifle safe will deter burglary of your firearms.

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    Compare At: $7,070.00
    Our Price: $5,625.00
    You Save: 20.44%

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