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Pistol Safes

Here are pistol safes with deep discounts and free shipping. Pistol safes below provide security for your hand guns and valuables. The pistol safes with push button locks provide easy access. All pistol safes are from leading manufacturers. There are also small portable pistol safes, that can fit inside a drawer or a larger safe.

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  1. PB3 American Security Pistol Safe

    Amsec PB3 Pistol Safe with Programmable Digital Pushbutton Lock

    This is an affordable and easy to open handgun case. This handgun safe comes with a 5 key push button lock. You chose your code and can set it to something you will find you can remember. This pistol safe is built with heavy duty steel including the handle. The handgun safe requires one 9V battery which will last long since this lock pulls very little charge. If you battery should run low, there is a warning light. The battery can be changed from the exterior so you will never be locked out. Its attractive exterior is deep blue and the interior is cushioned with foam to protect your gun. Learn More

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    Our Price: $94.00
    You Save: 30.37%

  2. American Security IRC412 handgun safe

    Amsec IRC412 Digital Handgun Safe

    The heavy duty steel construction offers excellent burglary protection. While designed as a handgun case this can also serve as a hotel, dormitory or home safe. It fits conveniently and out of sight in a drawer. The large LED display is easy to read and let's you know the status of the safe. The key pad electronic lock is easy to use. You can set and reset the combination countless times. Hotel guests can set their own combination or use an electronic credit card. There is a manager override system. The interior will accommodate most laptops and two small pistols. Ensure the security of this safe by using the two anchor holes and bolts (included). The carpeted bottom protects contents from scratches and the electrostatic powder exterior is durable and attractive. You can't go wrong with this versatile pistol/personal safe

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    Compare At: $235.00
    Our Price: $161.00
    You Save: 31.49%

  3. Amsec 2 Hour Fire/Impact Rated Gun Safe from UL1511

    Amsec 2 Hour Fire/Impact Rated Gun Safe from UL1511

    The UL1511 fire gun safe from Amsec features a 2 hour fire rating and is also impact rated to protect against drops or building collapses.  Many safes can withstand the heat of a fire, but if the structure they are in collapses due to the fire, they can break open. Not so with the UL1511. This safe can withstand a drop from 30 feet. In addition, this safe features an auxillary spring loaded relock device to secure the safe in the event of a severe attack.

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    Compare At: $934.67
    Our Price: $701.00
    You Save: 25.00%

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