About V-line

V-Line Security Cases and Cabinets are designed to provide moderate security while offering quick access with the Simplex™ push button lock. Our line of "ready access security cases" or "quick access security cases" are not intended to provide the ultimatum security system. They have not been rated for burglary or fire resistance.

V-Line Security Cases offer multiple benefits including: locking firearms out of reach of children, preventing firearms from being tampered with, and reducing the possibility of theft, all while maintaining quick and easy access to the firearm.

Check your local and state laws if you wish to use your V-Line Security Case in your vehicle, for example California state law requires "firearms must be unloaded" and handguns must be "carried in a locked container separate from the utility or glove compartment. Ammunition cannot be attached to the handgun in any manner." Sections 12025, 12026, P.C. Consult with your local law-enforcement agency or a local attorney to verify firearm storage and transportation laws in your area.

Under no circumstances will V-Line be responsible for any damages or loss including loss of time or labor incurred by the purchaser beyond the cost of items purchased from V-Line Industries.